About us


The coolest Ice Cream brand in the town!

Ever felt like diving into mountains of creamy ice cream or swimming in rich, luscious chocolate fudge sauce? Well, if you do, then we totally get you! With a passion for offering ultimate indulgence for every Ice Cream lover, we bring you the dessert culture and created something quirky, fun and totally irresistible – Oh So Stoned!
chunky chocolate shake

About Founder

Mr. Abhiram Koney, with a masters degree and Legal Advisory a young passionate entrepreneur who has a  decade experience in the food and beverage industry wanted to always start a dessert culture which can be seen across Europe where ice-cream has its own uniqueness. Hence a milestone Oh so stoned, where you can find amalgamation of Indian with international flavors.


Incredible growth across the country

In-house chefs


Customizable menu

We bake our
own products

Our Story

We take you to all new heights with our irresistible and pleasurable Ice Cream range. To awaken all your senses, we use the glacial ‘stone’ in our outlets to provide Stoned Sundaes, Waffles, Shakes and Icecream cakes, all in one place. The next time when you are in a mood for some desserts, think of no other place than Oh So Stoned!

Our glacial stone parlours are the first of their kind, where desserts are fused with ice creams to give our signature taste! We bake our own products so that you get a chance to customize items and ingredients from our menu if you want to. Reflecting our true essence, our stores scream boho chic with whacky interiors, uniforms, text, etc. ‘La Bouche-La Bouche’, our manufacturing facility, is committed to making the creamiest ice creams with natural milk fat and quality ingredients to deliver the right mouthfeel.


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