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Oh So Stoned, Famous for Frozen Delights in Secunderabad

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Ever felt like diving into mountains of creamy ice cream or swimming in rich luscious chocolate fudge sauce? Well if you do then we totally get you! With a passion for rich creamy Ice creams, the creators of ‘Oh So Stoned’ wanted to start something quirky, fun and totally irresistible. Get high on Ice Cream’ is their motto and they literally believe in taking their creations to all new heights! Using the glacial ‘stone’ in the outlets as a medium to combine various innovative flavors, they come up with totally original creations like the Tiramisu Ice cream, The Banoffee pie Ice cream, The Paan Ice cream etc. It’s the first of its kind of glacial stone parlors where real desserts are fused with the ice creams to get the taste of the real deal! To go with the whole concept of the flower power era, right from their interiors to uniforms to names of these whacky creations scream boho chic. Their manufacturing facility goes with the brand name ‘La Bouche-La Bouche’ and is committed to making the creamiest ice creams with real milk fat and quality ingredients in order to deliver the right mouth feel for this totally awesome invention called ‘Ice cream’! The creator of the flavors is certified by the prestigious ‘Penn State Creamery’, the most prestigious Ice Cream school!

‘La Bouche – La Bouche’ has a whole extension of yummy delights apart from Ice creams as well.

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